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Reliance Traffic Services specializes in providing our customers, employees and the public a safe work site while maintaining an efficient flow of traffic. We combine our traffic management experience with new approaches and technologies to provide a fresh, progressive direction in the traffic management industry.

Our Services

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    Temporary Traffic Management (TTM)

    Reliance Traffic Services plans and manages traffic closures for all road levels within Auckland region. We provide innovative and cost effective traffic management solutions on day to day basis. We have crews working 24/7 in order to meet the demands of the industry with a focus on safety and compliance measures.

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    Traffic Management Plans (TMP's)

    Reliance Traffic Services has a team committed to Traffic Management Plan designs. Whether it's a small footpath closure or large complex road closure our Team are highly experienced in drawing TMP's. Our TMP designers are certified TTMP Practicing Designers and understand both the theoretical and practical implementation of a TMP.

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    Traffic Management is not just all about Stop Go, with a wide range of roles and responsibilities it’s a great way to meet a range of people, see a lot of our beautiful countryside while learning a huge range of skills. An ever-growing industry with a vast range of career opportunities that will lead you in whatever direction you desire.

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    Project Management

    We have the capacity to service both small jobs and large project works. We have allocated Client Managers and Operations team to ensure the project runs smoothly. We have a great insight into how to best run on a large scale worksite with a multitude of work types.

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    Event Management

    Traffic services company Reliance Traffic Services has appointed a Client Managers to assist with tactical changes to event operations where necessary, such as during major roadworks or road closures. The company's teams are mindful of the profile that events have and always maintain a high level of professionalism.

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